Monday, January 27, 2014

Vegetarian Pinto Beans

you've made beans, but you wanna know what others do, so here is a no bull shit reference!

Vegetarian Pinto Beans.
Some beans (do the whole bag… yeah)
rinse beans
2-3 x’s the water as beans
soak over night or boil and let sit for an hour or so
Keep the bean water! Don’t toss that shit! If tossed you toss out the bean flavor and lots of nutrients! Rinsing the beans first keeps the farts away but they’re fucking beans so they are going to make you fart.

lots of garlic Don’t skimp!
one or two big chopped up onions
some celery
small amount of carrot (optional)
Peppers (seeded and chop)—a variety is best… serrano, jalepano or bell … whatever. Sometimes I add some of my green chili salsa if I have some.
some paprika
some cumin (ground or seeds)
some ground up pepper
half can to full can of tomato paste or about a cup or two of chopped freshies.
bay leaf
oregano (optional)

simmer for a few hours…. While cooking, after beans are kinda soft, add salt to taste.

Serve with rice or corn bread or use in burritos or just add a spoon to the pot and eat that shit.

highly recommend laying these guys onto a shindig of some corn bread made from the book. top that zone with high chopped onions and yogurt or sour cream or vegan situation zone. half can of tomato past made me nervous at first but then the flavor the extreme flavor vanished. would highly recommend using paste that does not have any sugar (if that even exists) or just the raw body shin dig. 

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